TC260 New Committee Opened To Foreign Participation

On January 14, TC260 (the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee)held the first meeting of its second committee in Beijing. Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) Vice Minister Wang Xiujun presided over the meeting. CAC Minister Lu Wei and AQSIQ Minister Zhi Shuping attended the meeting and delivered keynote speeches, according to a report on the website of the Standards Administration of China.


In his speech, Lu Wei said that cybersecurity standards should be the foundation and future of Internet development. CAC and AQSIQ will together leverage standardization to enhance cyber security, Lu said.


Zhi Shuping introduced three main tasks for the new committee:
  • Strengthen top-level design and strategic planning, by drafting complementary standards to cybersecurity laws and regulations and defining a cybersecurity standards roadmap;
  • Complete the standards system by expediting the standard drafting for key technologies related to critical information infrastructure protection, cyber security review, cyberspace trusted identity, industrial information security, big data security and privacy protection;
  • Actively participate in international rules and standards making in cyberspace, so as to improve discourse and China's influence and increase international adoption of Chinese standards and innovation with self-owned IP.
CAC Vice Minister Wang Xiujun serves as chairman of the Committee. Seven vice chairmen are DG level officials respectively from CAC, MIIT, MPS, CNITSEC, SEMB, CNCA and the State Secrecy Bureau. CESI Vice President Gao Lin acts as the secretary general, while the TC260 secretariat is located within CESI. 
Compared to the first committee, this second committee has more members (81 versus 48), and greater representation of enterprise members, including four foreign companies that have for the first time been granted TC-level full membership.