State Council Releases AI Development Plan

On July 20, the State Council released New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan. AI is now the most talked-about industry among strategic emerging industries and technologies like new material, alternative energy, biomed, and 5G. It is also critical to China Manufacturing 2025, Internet Plus, the Robotics Industry Development Plan (2016-2020) and the AI 3 Year Action Plan.  The plan was developed to address weakness in R&D (key equipments, core algorithm, high-end semiconductors, and etc.), talents, industrial chain and the AI ecosystem. 

The Plan lists 3 stages for AI strategy:

By 2020: 

  • AI industry becomes a new sector of important economic growth.
  • China's competitiveness in the AI industry catches up with international leaders.
  • The application of AI technology becomes a new way to improve people's lives.

By 2025: 

  • Major breakthrough in the fundamental theory of AI.
  • China’s AI industry will be incorporated into the top list of the global value chain
  • Establish laws, regulations, ethical norms, and policy system related to AI.

By 2030: 

  • China will be a leader in AI-related theory, technology and applications,
  • Becomes a major AI innovation center in the world and will make notable AI achievement in the economy and society.
  • Form a well-developed theory and technological system for AI.