State Council Released an Outline of the National Informatization Development Strategy

On July 27, the General Office of CPC and the State Council released an Outline of National Informatization Development Strategy, which is a guiding document for regulating and directing the national informatization development over the next 10 years and serves as an important basis for planning and policy making in informatization area.

The Outline sets specific targets for informatization development by 2025 and aims to enhance informatization capabilities by developing industry and core technology, developing and utilizing information resources, and strengthening cyberspace administration among others.

Some key takeaways from the outline are listed below. The Outline calls for:

    a development strategy guideline for core information technology (integrated circuit, basic software, core components and others) to create a leading, "secure and controllable" core technology system. It also sets targets to be competitive in leading the development of next generation telecommunications and internet techonologies and to actively engage and promote 5G R&D, standards and industry development.

    strengthened IPR and standards for forward-looking technological development

    improved information resource planning, building and management; separated data management and business applciations; developed data backup and certification systems to facilitate trading; implemetation of a nationwide "secure and controllable" data system.
    improved protection regulations for information property rights; implementation of a multi-level classification information management system; strengthened information collection; further research on cross border data flow management.
    accelerated law making process for the Cyber Security Law, Telecom Law, E-commerce Law, and Encryption law
    implementation of network identity administration regulations and ISP credit records
    tightened control over all Internet news services and news platforms 

The Outline further stresses the Central Cybersecurity and Informatization Leading Group (CCILG)'s role in coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the outline. It's worth noting that the Outline also emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in cyberspace development and administration, and proposes to implement Digital Economy Cooperation Projects between China and U.S., China and EU, China and U.K. and China and Germany.