State Council Announces the 13th FYP for Strategic and Emerging Industries

On December 19, the State Council released the 13th Five Year Plan for the Development of Strategic and Emerging Industries (SEI), describing how they plan to deploy all of the goals set forth in the 13th FYP (2016-2020). The Plan focuses on the main objectives, responsibilities and policy measures in 5 industries, including IT, high-end machinery and new materials, the bio-industry, alternative energy & environmental protection, and digital and design industries. In IT, there is an initiative to expand the internet-based economy across many industries. A focus on high-end machinery will help push for breakthroughs in China’s Manufacturing industry. The government will also explore new, sustainable energy economic models and developments in new energy vehicles (NEVs). Lastly, they plan to use digitalization as a strategy to improve global supply chains and build an international platform.
Some notable highlights include:
IT- the scope for IT is very broad and includes everything from big data to semiconductors to artificial intelligence. Plans to strengthen broadband infrastructure and supply customers with 1000MB of bandwidth were outlined as well as a continued expansion of 5G networks development and next generation TV and radio broadcasting networks.
High-end machinery- this discusses the importance of acquiring and innovating sophisticated machinery for the development of smart manufacturing, the transformation of the industry from manufacturing in the traditional sense to smart manufacturing.
NEVs- The Plan laid out the goal of reaching 2 million in sales of NEVs and a cumulative production of more than 5 million vehicles. By 2020, China hopes to achieve an output value of 10 trillion RMB while developing the auto and auto parts industry as well as a competitive battery industry.
The state council will provide policy support for improvements in management, IPR, and finance. The full plan can be found on the State Council website.