China Pursues "Internet Plus" Strategy

China is pursuing an "Internet Plus" action plan that seeks to drive economic growth by integration of Internet technologies with manufacturing and business, according to a government work report issued at the National People's Congress.

Speaking at the March 5 opening meeting of the National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang spoke of the "Internet Plus" concept in his 2015 Government Work Report. According to Premier Li's report, "Internet Plus" entails integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things with modern manufacturing, fostering new industries and business development, including e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance. 

The aim of the plan is to promote innovation-driven development and upgrade China from being a "big industrial country" to a "powerful industrial country", a goal often seen in recent Chinese government policy pronouncements. In his report, Premier Li also mentioned the policy goals of three network convergence, accelerating fiber optic network construction, improving broadband speed and promoting information consumption.

The 2015 National People's Congress Session in Beijing is being held from March 5-15. This year's Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference runs from March 3-13.